9 warning signs to help you identify and avoid a 

Coaching Catastrophe

9 Warning signs that your coach may not have YOUR best interest at heart!

#1 - They use fear or scarcity-based tactics.

A good coach will always have YOUR best interest at heart. It's the difference between being bullied and being COACHED!

#2 - They "Diagnose" you.

Coaching is all about identifying your goals and needs  and then working with YOU to come up with a MAP - Massive Action Plan. Coaching is a collaborative effort between the client and the coach.

#3 - They tell you to take out a second mortgage, open another credit card, or start a "Go Fund Me" to work with them.

A good coach will help you figure out a payment plan; a GREAT coach will give you actionable tips plus strategy to help you find/earn the money and work out a payment plan.

#4 - They talk down to you in any way, including by saying they are "above" you, "more enlightened", or "more ascended" than you.

A coach who makes themselves seem more important or superior to yourself, needs coaching of their own to get their ego in check! Remember, a good coach will still "kick your behind" when you need it, but that "kicking" will always come from a place of light and love.

#5 - They don't listen and you don't feel heard, or they talk most of the time about themselves, rather than taking the time to get to know YOU!

Remember - Coaching is about YOU. It's great for your coach to share their experiences with you when it's directly related to your situation as this can be a valuable lesson, however it's also that coaches responsibility to ensure the conversation remains focused on YOU!

#6 - They've never actually experienced or done what they are teaching you or coaching you on.

This is a big one. One of the most important things we can share with you is that when seeking out a coach, ASK them what their own experiences have been in relation to your situation. Everyone can give you the basic tools, however to achieve the MAXIMUM benefit, seek out someone who's "been there and done that" and has come out on the other side a BETTER version of themselves. Success leaves clues!

#7 - They take immediate credit for any signs of progress and put themselves above other coaches.

Coaching is all about YOU! Coaching is not about a coach celebrating what they have done, it's about the coach and client celebrating what the client has achieved - small or big steps. An outstanding coach will be there to guide and provide praise for each and EVERY accomplishment. An outstanding coach will also know that there is ALWAYS more to learn and would never come across with an air of superiority.

#8 - The coach is NOT living what they teach.

Imagine if you will; you're being coached to show more affection to your wife or husband. You're being coached to appreciate your partner for the everyday little things. In walks your coaches spouse (with refreshments none the less) and the first thing he or she says is "Can't you see I'm busy with a client?" and simply dismisses their partner without acknowledgment. The actions displayed by a person (either conscious or unconscious) are a direct reflection of the person that they truly are. Seek out and lean from those who practice what they preach.

#9 - It just doesn't feel right; something feels "off".

Trust your instincts! Not every coach will be a good fit for you and there's nothing wrong with trying out a few till you find a good match. An outstanding coach will always give you a free 30 minute introduction session (as we do) to ensure the fit is right for both the client and the coach. Never feel bad about letting a coach know that you may not have the best fit with them. At the risk of being repetitive, Remember, this is all about YOU!