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Strategic Wholistic Coaching

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Strategic Wholistic Coaching

The Strategic Wholistic Coaching method is an exclusive comprehensive life coaching technique combining multiple complementary therapies to empower both the mind and body. We utilize Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) and Targeted Goal Setting (TGS), providing you complete mindful wellness, along with Clinical Iridology and Quantum Bi-Feedback, designed to supply you with both an overview of your current health status, and the next steps to take, to improve your overall physical condition. By combining and utilizing modalities of both the mental and physical we’re able to deliver you a targeted approach to total health, providing you maximum complete wellness for both your mind and body.


"The Map is not the territory".

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed by Dr. Richard Bander and Dr. John Grinder in the 1970’s in an effort to model communication strategies of effective therapists, thereby providing a most effective approach to client centred therapy. NLP utilizes disciplines related to communication and the theatre of the mind, including linguistics, psychology and cognitive science.



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Though the study of language it has been discovered that deletions and generalizations dominate our language. So what does this mean and how does it relate to coaching? Consider this sentence “It was just to hard for them to complete”. Within this sentence there are several deletions and generalizations: “It” - what specifically is it? “Too hard” - did “they” have the appropriate skills or tools to be able to complete whatever “it” is/was? Who specifically is “they”? When we’re able to clearly define all aspects of an event we gain immense insights into exactly what “it” is that causes us to feel one way or another. Utilizing the above example, does it give you a different perspective if the "they" were either toddlers, or firefighters, and if the "task" was climbing up the stairs? Depending on the content, we form very different perceptions of the situation. Once the blanks are filled in we’re able to easily analyze those feeling and determine if it’s appropriate for the circumstance, and then transform the meaning of that experience into something empowering.

We also have the ability to transform the meaning of any experience by simply changing the sub modalities (size, brightness or location of visual, imagery or sensory representations) thereby altering the intensity of mental states and immediately affect change in behaviour. When working with closed eye exercises we’re able to magnify and intensify those empowering joyous moments, and diminish moments that leave can leave you in an un-resourceful state.

Is there a time in your life that you’ve misrepresented (and continue to misrepresent) to yourself? Is it possible that by simply changing the meaning of that one experience it can have a profound effect on how you view other experiences in your life? Would it be beneficial to revisit that experience in a safe caring environment and transform the meaning of it today?

At UE Coaching, we empower you to take back and own your life NOW!

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NAC, or Neuro Associative Conditioning was developed by the Father of Life Coaching, and our mentor, Tony Robbins. NAC, which is based based on NLP, is a step by step process that helps you condition your nervous system to associate massive pleasure with the things you want so that you continuously do whatever it takes to achieve them.

As our actions are based on either a need to avoid pain, or gain pleasure, we must understand that it is absolutely key to link massive pain to actions that are incongruent with the attainment of a goal, and massive pleasure to all actions that have a direct and positive effect on the steps to achieve your goals.

NAC utilizes 6 key steps to transformation. Firstly, getting crystal clear on exactly what it is you want, and what is preventing you from achieving that now. Secondly, Identify the leverage point to make your goals a must. Thirdly, Interrupt the current limiting pattern - doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result is certainly the definition of insanity! Next, Create a new and empowering alternative - how does the new future look to you now? Next, condition it in. Feel the moment now, as though this IS the path you’ve taken all along. Lastly - test it. Has the new pattern or new behaviour become who you are?

Utilizing these tools, coupled with accountability that can only come from a Master Coach is exactly what it takes to rise above and turn your dreams reality!


TGS, or Targeted Goal Setting utilizes aspects from both NLP and NAC to literally manifest your goals before your eyes. TGS harnesses the power of clarity and focus - clarifying exactly what it is that you want, and then focusing your actions, making them congruent with the outcome of your desired goal.

TGS is a complete Goal Setting and Attainment process, beginning with first envisioning the goal utilizing open mind theory (what if you could have ANYTHING). Next we assign timelines for all your goals, as when there is a specified timeline related to a goal, it becomes a must to accomplish. We then create the leverage within you to ensure the successful attainment of the goals. What would it cost you to not achieve your goals and dreams? Lastly, we provide you with ongoing accountability to ensure that you are on the right track to achieve exactly what it is you set out to do.

TGS is a very powerful tool and coupled with our exclusive accountability formula, your goals are now within your reach - all it takes is for you to step up and take what’s already yours!

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Clinical Iridology

Clinical Iridology is an alternative health method that studies the color, pigmentations and structure of the eye to determine information about a persons systemic health. Like fingerprints or faces, no two eyes are exactly alike making the iris one of the best tools available for identifying which areas of the body are genetically strong and to determine the areas of potential weakness.

Iridology is based on the scientific study of the iris that combines information from colors and markings within the iris.  Like signs on a map, each marking reveals a persons individual physical, mental and emotional challenges and conditions.

Iridology is a method whereby the health practitioner is trained to identify the meaning of each color, the signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and the condition of each systems of the body.  The information gathered through an assessment gives a detailed picture of the integrity of the body; it’s constitutional potentials, areas of congestions, toxic accumulations and inherent challenges and strengths.  Combining the information revealed through an assessment, the Iridologist can then gain an understanding of your past, present and potential future health conditions. 

Iridology is not a diagnoses tool, rather an effective assessment technique that assesses the whole body and naturally addresses the root of potential health conditions.  The fundamental goal of Clinical Iridology is to bring awareness to the current status of an individual’s health and to naturally assist and support the body.  Iridologists work with the bodies own inherent healing system providing natural solutions that may include, healthy diet, nutritional herbs and supplements and other alternative physical, mental and emotional therapies.

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Quantum Bio-Feedback

What is Quantum Bio-Feedback?

The Quantum Bio-Feedback analyzer is a non evasive and simple assessment tool that naturally and effectively detects and calculates in live time, any physical, mental and emotional stresses, weakness and imbalances in the body. The Quantum Bio-feedback is a sophisticated system that is able to detect stressors and deficiencies in the body.  Every cell in your body operates at a certain frequency and produces erratic vibrations in which the Quantum Bio-Feedback machine is able to scan and identify.

The human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field with specific qualities and each field is characterized by vibration where each organ, tissue and cell have their own specific frequencies.  Not only is the Quantum Bio-Feedback analyzer able to register the electromagnetic vibration of each organ, system and cell at the DNA level, it is also able to determine vitamin, mineral and microelement deficiencies in the body as well as carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.


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There are over 35 reports that the Quantum Bio-Feedback analyzer generates, showing multiple tests for various bodily systems … these include:

  1. Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular
  2. Gastrointestinal Function
  3. Liver Function
  4. Gallbladder Function
  5. Pancreatic Function
  6. Kidney Function
  7. Lung Function
  8. Brain Nerve
  9. Bone Disease
  10. Bone Mineral Density
  11. Rheumatoid Bone Disease
  12. Blood Sugar
  13. Basic Physical Quality
  14. Human Toxin
  15. Trace Element
  16. Heavy Metals
  17. Amino Acid
  18. Endocrine System
  19. Immune System
  20. Prostate
  21. Male Sexual Function
  22. Gynecology
  23. Breast
  24. Skin
  25. Eye
  26. Allergy
  27. Vitamin
  28. Obesity
  29. Bone Growth Index
  30. Co-Enzyme
  31. Sperm & Semen
  32. Blood Lipids
  33. Channels & Collateral
  34. Element of Human
  35. Menstrual Cycle
  36. Pulse of Heart & Brain
  37. Compositive Report

The Quantum Bio-Feedback analyzer is not a diagnoses tool, rather a highly sensitive system that is able to test the clients own energetic reactivity and reveal in real time any physical, mental or emotional weaknesses, along with any deficiencies, and provides the individual an accurate picture of anything that may be negatively affecting their health.  The trained practitioner is able to read and understand the information and determine any lifestyle changes and natural remedies to help maintain balance and to restore physical energy.

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UE Coaching - Accountability


Accountability is a state of being accountable, liable or answerable for a specified action. At UE Coaching we've incorporated accountability into every aspect of our process, and because of this, we've seen countless successes with our clients, time after time. Accountability plays a massive role in the path to goal attainment, and that's why it's critical to have the advanced support of a Master Coach who will "hold your feet to the fire" and be the support you need, exactly when you need them.

Within our Elite VIP Coaching programs we have incorporated twice weekly "Check-in/Check-up" sessions, on top of your weekly coaching session, to ensure that each action you take, and each decision you make, is in some way directly related to the attainment of your goal or desired outcome.

The Strategic Wholisitic Coaching™ method

is a comprehensive set of tools that will help you define, set and manifest the goals, desires, relationships and life that you have always dreamed of. Although any of these dynamic modules can be applied individually, the maximum benefit will only be fully realized when all the modalities are combined and delivered in a comprehensive structured manor.

We understand that many people have the desire to change their lives, however also understand that only a select few are willing to make the commitment . For those select few, those people who know that ONLY the best will do, those people who demand excellence within their own lives, and those people who desire to live in a continuous peak state, we have created our Elite VIP Coaching program. This is an EXCLUSIVE Comprehensive Life Mastery program designed for you to take your incredible life and elevate it to levels that you have only thus far, dreamed of. This expansive program is highly customized to your own needs, and as the commitment from both yourself and us is significant, in both time and effort, we only accept a selected few into this program.

Is it possible this program is for you?

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