Couples Program

We are super excited to announce that we are presently in the process of making our Ignite the Passion Within: Creating Everlasting Love© program available for download! Check back often for updates, or subscribe to our mailing list below and be the first to know when this life altering program is released! 

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Ignite the Passion Within:
Creating Everlasting Love©

Through our own journey of relationship evolvement we’ve attempted to reach out to other resources of like-mind, only to find that there are very few, if any, that focus on evolvement. Our passion is to share our tools and assist in guiding couples who are ready to embrace growth in their relationships.
We invite you to begin your journey with a renewed sense of awakening and desire to be “more” than who you are now, and to evolve your relationship to a new level beyond your expectations.  This program is not about changing who you are, it’s about transformation, and providing you with the tools to successfully achieve all of your goals and desires. We all long for true joy, love and happiness and a hunger for “more”. With this program we will explore the steps and implement the tools to take your life and your relationship to the next level.

Couples Program

Within our program we will cover the 14 topics to empower you to evolve your relationship to a state of being In Love for Life. Each of the steps look at a different aspect of your relationship and provide the tools you need to transform your relationship from good to the ultimate.
This program is designed to be effective for people in all stages of love. If your relationship is new we’ll provide you the tools and knowledge to enable it to mature and grow, and empower you both to live a passionate life together. If your relationship is stale, well give you the tools to reclaim your passion. If your relationship is rocky, we’ll provide the guidance to not only smooth it out, but to take it to levels that you’ve never experienced before.
Upon signing up for the program we will send you a short questionnaire to fill in. This questionnaire is designed to be completed by each partner, and for each partner to provide their own input. Once filled in, sign, date and scan it back to us.
Within the program we provide you with your very own copy of the Ignite the Passion Within: Creating Everlasting Love© workbook, which is to be filled in by each partner. This workbook is designed for you to capture your thoughts and ask yourself the empowering questions to assist you and your partner in evolving your relationship.
Ignite the Passion Within: Creating Everlasting Love
The topics covered within this intensive couples program are:
1. Communication
2. Respectful Arguing
3. Problem Solving
4. Interdependence
5. Meeting Needs
6. Integrity
7. Compassion
8. Connection
9. Celebration
10. Intimacy
11. Gratitude
12. Growth
13. Living a Healthy Relationship
14. In love for life

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