Quantum Bio-Feedback is an assessment tool in which clients are able to improve their health by understanding the signals from their own bodies. The quantum bio-feedback machine acts as a “6th sense” which allows the client to understand what’s happening within their body. The body is comprised of different systems, and when the systems of the body are not aligned, imbalances are created. The quantum bio-feedback system allows us to identify these deficiencies within the body.
UE Coaching Bio-Feedback

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"I knew that I had not been feeling as good as I had felt in the past, and did not realize how bad my health had become until the Bio-Feedback machine revealed exactly what minerals and vitamins my body had been sorely deficient in. Once I had begun to correct my deficiencies, I lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks and my strength and stamina have returned to me! "

- Dylan S.

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Once the deficiencies are identified, we are able recommend suggestions which will enable the body to rejuvenate and create well being. Quantum Bio-feedback is not used as a treatment or diagnosis, rather it is a system that can be combined with other standard interventions and complement other therapies, carried out by knowledgeable clinicians, educators or coaches.
We offer individualized bio-feedback sessions, in conjunction with our iridology assessments, on an appointment only basis. 

"It is extremely important to get the body in the best possible condition so it has the strength to fight the disease."

- Dr. Isai Castillo