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Posted by Jamie Adamchuk on April 14, 2017

Nurture Your Thoughts

UE Coaching - Nurture Your Thoughts

Nurture Your Thoughts

I’ve learned a valuable skill and I want to share it with you.
We’ve all heard the saying, “Where focus goes, energy flows”, and you know what….it’s totally, absolutely completely true.
At first I thought it was just a nice catch phrase….it rhymed and it sounded neat. What I didn’t realize, is that by truly focusing your energy and thoughts towards a much more empowered thought you actually change the way you feel.
This is no BS, no joke, it actually works.
Do this next time you’re in a less than resourceful state. Change your focus from what you are presently intensely focused on, to that of your loved one, or your family, or to some one, or some thing, that you can be intensely grateful for.
Some people may find this comes easy and others may find it take some effort (ok…a LOT of effort…I was one of them). After you’ve done this, isn’t it true that you begin to feel different? That you may even notice that your body is now lighter, as you find yourself unburdened from the weight of what you were carrying?
Imagine now the impact you can have on the world. This new you who is filled with a reinvigorated purpose. Do you think that by having a different outlook, a more positive outlook, people will perceive you differently and you will perceive events equally as differently?
I challenge you to employ this incredible tool the next time you find yourself in one of these states. Control your thoughts over having your thoughts control you.
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Posted by Jamie Adamchuk on April 10, 2017

Stretch Yourself

UE Coaching - Speaking

What happens when you stretch yourself?

Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Live With Power’s Transformational Speaker Intensive program, hosted by my dear friend Anita Kozlowski. In this incredible program we had many opportunities for growth, with each and every one of us significantly improving on our existing speaking skills. The program was incredible, and I strongly recommend that anyone either looking to begin a career in speaking, or who is looking to further develop their already great skills, contact Anita today and sign up for this immersive program.
What gives me the most pleasure, is having had the privilege of attending this program with an incredible young lady who is presently 10. Yes, that’s right, 10 years old!
What made it so incredible was her desire to excel. Her desire to become more than what she was. When she spoke, she commanded the room. It was as though she was a much older soul, wise way beyond her years, occupying this young persons body. She spoke fearlessly (and did a GREAT speech on FEAR itself I might add) and it really impressed me. I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone as young as her take on such a professional course (ESPECIALLY a public speaking course, something many of us may consider as one of our biggest fears) and fully THRIVE in what many of us would see as a major challenge.
Her strength to stand in front of a room, a room filled with adults, and absolutely OWN her power, was awesome. I can only imagine what the future has in store for her.
What this tells me, is that within each an every one of us, there is so much more capacity, so much more capability that what we ever would have thought possible. It was this wonderful young lady that opened my eyes to what is truly possible when we set our minds to a task.
To me, she made the Impossible, possible!
Posted by Jamie Adamchuk on April 10, 2017

The Gift of Choice

UE Coaching - The Gift Of Choice

The Gift of Choice

Life is beautiful, as every day it provides us the gift of choice.
In your moments of despair, will you allow yourself to remain in an un-resourceful state, or, will you instead choose to rise up against all odds and stand strong in your Personal Power?
#StepUp #PersonalPower
Posted by Jamie Adamchuk on April 7, 2017


UE Coaching - Contribution

Step out of your comfort zone today and challenge yourself to do one incredible act of kindness, and then let us know how it felt!
#RAK #Kindness

Posted by Jamie Adamchuk on April 6, 2017

Live for Today

UE Coaching - Live For Today!

When does tomorrow arrive?

Let me ask this. If you knew that your life was coming to an end in the next month, how many things would you put off, vs. how many things would you accomplish? My feeling is that your accomplishments would far outweigh what you “leave for tomorrow”.

What if we treated our lives like that…..not worrying about leaving this place in the next month, rather living each day to the fullest. How much happier would you be? What kinds of things would you do? What experiences would you have?

What’s stopping you from living your life like that RIGHT NOW?

When I changed my outlook on life and made LIVING a priority, my entire world changed.

All it took was the decision to life life today, being fully present in the moment, and allowing tomorrow to take care of itself.

Leave tomorrow for tomorrow and live today like no other!